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Welcoming visitors by land and air since the 1960s

Wickenby Aerodrome has been an active airfield since the 1960s, and was used as a satellite station for operations by Lancaster Squadrons 12 and 626 during World War Two. RAF Wickenby was a purpose built bomber base constructed in late 1942 and early 1943. It had two T2 type hangars and one B1 type. The B1 and one of the T2 hangars can still be seen on the airfield site.

Today Wickenby is a busy GA Aerodrome with a bright and optimistic future. Post-CoVid, work is already under way to totally reconfigure the cafe – a vital part of any GA airfield. Our resident Flight School is enthusiastically providing SEP and Microlight training, with an increasing student base.

Come and see us.

Our operating hours are currently 10.00 to 16.00 hrs local time Wednesday – Sunday.


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Click here for more info on coordinates, runway details, and the POOLEYS diagram.

Hangarage and Membership


We offer both AVGAS 100LL and JET A1 at Wickenby.

On open days, Avgas is available on a 24hr self service pump that accepts most major credit cards.

Jet A1 is supplied via a bowser, allowing us to deliver fuel directly and efficiently to your aircraft.

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For more information or PPR

PPR is only required for non-radio aircraft – which must obtain a telephone briefing before departure.

If you would like to contact Wickenby Aerodrome reference business opportunities, hangarage or visiting the aerodrome, please call 01673 885000, email us or use the contact form: